Sevion Pipeline


Program Discovery Preclinical Clinical

SVN-001 (autoimmune disease)

SVN-002 (oncology)

SVN-003 (diabetes)

multiple GPCR targets (oncology)

ion channel (pain)

Sevion is applying its integrated suite of technologies to develop new classes of therapies against previously inaccessible targets

Antibody Pipeline

Sevion has created functional antibodies that modulate G Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCRs) and ion channels, two classes of targets that have proven difficult to address using conventional antibody discovery approaches.


SVN-001 is an ion channel blocking antibody which is potentially the first therapeutic antibody against this target class. SVN-001 targets an ion channel, Kv1.3, which has been implicated in a number of different autoimmune disorders including rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis and multiple sclerosis. By targeting a unique subset of immune cells, SVN-001 is not broadly immunosuppressive, which improves the safety profile compared to typical immunosuppressants. Sevion is advancing SVN-001 through preclinical development where it has demonstrated potent activity.


SVN-002 is a unique antibody against an oncology target that holds the potential to significantly impact highly metastatic tumors that are resistant to anti-VEGF treatments. The target is highly expressed in clear cell renal carcinoma, where it is associated with poor prognosis. Sevion is advancing SVN-002 through preclinical development.

Chimerasome Pipeline


SVN-003 is a chimerasome/insulin product which preferentially delivers insulin to the liver. It has extremely potent glucose regulation properties in animal models.

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